Aqua Seca was born in the mind of Trent Hankinson. The bedroom recordings and voice memos are what makeup "Aqua Seca", his solo-recording project. Hankinson crafts every sonic element of Aqua Seca, from the guitars to the vocals to the drums to the keys, every instrument you hear was played by him and the parts were written by him. "The original plan was to release an EP, but we ultimately decided to release a series of singles in anticipation of the album", Hankinson commented.

The project plans to start playing shows in the Southern California Area, with Trent on guitar and vocals, Bryce Camino on guitar/bass and keys, and Derek Stewart on drums. The members of this live touring band are friends of Trent's, whom he has been jamming with since high school.

"Don’t Care" is out July 26th. The song embodies elements of Punk, Rock, and Psych. The music video for the song will be out: soon.

We are currently interested in signing with a record label. Please use the email below to contact the project :)